lundi 29 avril 2013

Interactive map of metro and subway in Paris - public transport in Paris (RER, Metro / subway, Tram and trains)

Find your way in Paris using the interactive metro or subway map:

  • find your metro line
  • choose your trip via several metro lines
  • which line number to take to travel in Paris
  • find the closest metro station
  • count the number of metro stops to go somewhere
  • to know metro hours
  • to see where you can have a metro change, where metro lines are crossed
  • to be informed of traffic metro

As it is pretty hard to find his way in Paris, find below differents maps: metro / underground maps, bus maps, RER lines. It is always easier to use an interactive maps for metro and public transports in Paris. Do not dare using the interactive maps or links to find your way in Paris

You will have several Paris maps for streets, metro, RER or trains.

Differents links for public transport in Paris with the public transport company RATP:

Metro map in Paris
Paris Metro map - metro lines in Paris

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